Joeri Casteels

Experienced in Cloud Open-source StorageNetworking

Allcom-S bvba (Allwebsales Computers)

Allcom-S bvba (former Allwebsales Computers) was a front-end computer store providing products, services and solutions to business and end-users.

I was the IT Manager for the company. Tasks included (but not limited to) responsible purchasing department, merchandising front-end store, responsible technical department including implementing and maintaining IT solutions / infrastructures for small and medium sized businesses, software, firewall, backup, network and Windows based servers. Day to day problem solving, installations and building of servers and pc’s, winning of awards and getting publications (Beste PC Van Vlaanderen, Snelste PC Van België, Design PC Van België, Beste Multimedia PC van België), internal and external b2b sales.

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