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Enable ipv6 on Ubiquiti UniFi Security Gateway

I recently looked in to enabling full ipv6 support on my Unifi network since my ISP supports ipv6. It wasn’t all that straightforward to get it up and running so by this blogpost i would like to share my findings.

Open your Unifi controller and browse to Settings — Networks there you will see WAN and LAN

Click edit on WAN and set to Prefix Deligation normally all the rest should be set by default

Click edit on the LAN and change it to the following

Prefix Delegation = 60 (My settings are based on Telenet)

After this we need to go in the console to make some alterations since these above setting did not fix my internal ipv6 problems.

Make sure SSH access is enabled in your controller you can choose to use a username/password or add ssh key

Located under Settings — Site

I found a hint, that rapid-commit could lead to problems I have.

ssh admin@youripoftheunifiusg

show interfaces

Based on that output you need to change the below commands

set interfaces ethernet eth0 dhcpv6-pd rapid-commit disable
release dhcpv6-pd interface eth0
delete dhcpv6-pd duid
renew dhcpv6-pd interface eth0

you can use the following commands to test if your usg can use ipv6.

note: this worked without above cli changes as well the above was needed to get my clients to work on ipv6

show ipv6 route



  • Hi Joeri,
    Thx for the info.
    I assume your WAN ifc is ETH0 ?
    Followed your procedure, but didn’t solve the issue, I always receive the log messages:
    show dhcpv6-pd log
    Jun/05/2021 05:32:49: add_ifprefix: invalid prefix length 60 + 8 + 64
    Jun/05/2021 05:32:49: update_ia: status code for PD-0: success
    Jun/05/2021 05:32:49: update_ia: status code for NA-0: success

    In case you might have encountered that issue as well? Or you might know a trick to solve?

    • Meantime I found the real issue.
      Pushing /60 using GUI on cloudkey, for some reason does not change the prefix value on the USG itself.
      Had to change it manually via CLI

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