IT Expert, Senior System Administrator / Engineer

I’m 34 years old, father of 2 Emily De Rynck (8yr) and Liam De Rynck (6yr) with my current partner Annick De Rynck we are a reconstituted family.  Since she already was a mother of 2 Michiel Vanhoucke (13yr) and Thibau Vanhoucke (12yr) we have 4 kids in total.

Passionate about IT and technology I unconsciously are  busy with it most of my time. In between I try to spent as much time with my family as possible and be a part of their life and education. Besides that I also like to do some photography on a basic simple level and catch a movie or good series if there is some time left.

My family loves animals and this turns out in a small zoo in a normal house. My hobby is having freshwater aquariums, you will certainly see some pictures passing of that in my portfolio. For the rest we have 3 English Bulldogs Xena, Nala and Max, 2 turtles, 5 chicken and a rooster, 6 birds I don’t know the exact types from and a hamster.

But this site is mainly about my passion for IT so if you are interested keep on reading on my Resume and Blog.


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